9 things a kitten hates

Every kitten is unique and has certain things they like to do. However, there are some things that all of them hate and that owners should avoid. 

1. Being lifted up

Most kittens are reluctant to be picked up constantly or carried in the arms of their owners in certain positions. Some carry their cats like a human baby, which exposes the animal's sensitive belly. Kittens are very vulnerable in this position and therefore often find it very uncomfortable. Only the most relaxed pets can endure this.

2. Disturbed when sleeping

There are health reasons why young cats really don't like being disturbed while sleeping. It may be because the animals know full well that they need their daily sleep to control their metabolism and conserve their energy. Therefore, no matter how cute they look while they are snoozing, kittens should not be woken.

3. Disturbed when eating

You should also not bother your pets when they are eating, as this can cause great tension and stress. Kittens like to eat in peace because, as relatively small predators, they look for a secluded spot in nature where larger animals cannot compete with them for food. In addition, cats are always a bit distracted and vulnerable when they are eating.

That is why they need a safe environment, even when kept in an apartment, where they feel comfortable and can have their food in peace. Of course, there is nothing wrong with patting the kitten's head briefly when you put their bowl in front of it. But after that you shouldn't bother the animal at its feeding place anymore.

4. Certain smells

Certain acrid or pungent smells are without a doubt one of the things that cats in general absolutely hate. Essential oils or the smell of certain foods also make many animals flee directly. Many indoor plants or flowers also smell unpleasant for kittens. This is mostly a reflex, as many plants are poisonous to them.

5. Boredom

Not all kittens have a pronounced play instinct (although most do), but no kitten likes to be ignored. If a pet is bored, it may look for ways to get attention. Scratching on the sofa or throwing things down are possible consequences of boredom. Most young cats don't understand that this tends to attract negative attention, so it's better to keep bored kittens busy than punish them. This tends to reinforce the negative behavior.

6. Loud noises

Kittens have very sensitive hearing and are generally sensitive to changes in their environment. Hence the aversion to loud noises, such as arguing or construction noise. The kitten cannot identify why it suddenly becomes louder and usually react to this with stress or withdraw, sometimes even fear. The vacuum cleaner is an enemy for many, as it is also loud and, from the pet's point of view, cleans their favorite places completely unnecessarily. Only the most relaxed representatives of the species accept such background noises calmly.

7. Taking a bath

Many kittens are afraid of water. That's why bathing is one of the things most of them hate. Usually, this is not even necessary, because kittens keep themselves well clean after they reach the age where their mother does not clean them anymore. However, if the animal comes home dirty or can no longer keep itself clean due to injuries, a bath makes sense.

8. No kitten-friendly environment

Sterile facilities or modern, void apartments are not appreciated by young cats. They prefer lots of crooked corners or opportunities to withdraw, play or climb. If this is not taken into account when setting up their home, the kitten may look for other, less desirable opportunities to occupy itself or to cuddle up out of boredom. So you might suddenly find your pet in the back of the cupboard, or on the tall design chest of drawers.

9. Rough handling

Kittens love their freedom and don't understand if you hold them against their will or squeeze them too much. They also don't appreciate it when you push and shake them. Carrying the kitten on the neck should also be avoided at all costs. Little kittens are carried like this by their mothers. However, as they get heavier, this can cause health problems. It goes without saying that harsh forms of punishment are taboo.