How to spot if a cat´s nose is infected

There are many ways to spot whether your kitten is developing health issues at an early stage. Keep an eye out for any changes and monitor its behavior and appearance. One possible indicator is a cat´s nose.

A healthy kitten nose should be soft, moist, and cool to the touch. It should be a uniform color, usually pink or black, with no discoloration or sores. The nostrils should be open and clear, and there should be no discharge or crustiness. The overall shape of the nose should be symmetrical. The bridge of the nose should not be too pronounced, but there should be some definition.

Signs of a cat's nose being infected: 

Here is an overview of symptons of an infection. If any of these apply to your kitten, it is highly recommanded to seek out the advice of a vetenarian.

Causes of a cat's nose being infected

There are numerous causes for an infection. Here is a list of the most likely ones: 

Possible treatments for a cat's nose being infected

The treatment will always depend on the cause. Ask your vet about the cause and treatment of the infection. Here is an overview of potential treatments: 

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