Why is my kitten so shy?

First of all, before we go into any explanations what to do about a shy cat, you should be aware that each cat has its own personality and if its shyness is simply a part of it, there might be things you can improve for your pet, but you will not be able to change its personality. It is important to distinguish between a cat that is shy out of personality or anxious because of some serious issue.

A kitten or adult cat might be shy because of its environment, age, or disposition. Signs of a shy cat include hiding, avoiding contact, and being easily startled. If it is exhibiting signs of anxiety, you should identify the source of the anxiety and address it in a way that is best for the cat. 

Common causes of anxiety in cats include changes in the environment, introduction of a new pet, or unfamiliar people or animals. They may also become anxious due to medical issues or lack of stimulation. Other signs of an anxious kitten or cat include excessive vocalization, excessive grooming, hiding, or restlessness.

In general, it is vital to provide a calm and secure environment. Make sure the cat has a safe place to hide, such as a cat tree, and that the environment is free from stressors. Provide interactive playtime, introduce new toys and activities, and provide plenty of petting and affection. Speak in soft, soothing tones and avoid loud noises. 

If the anxiety persists, it may be beneficial to speak to a veterinarian about possible medications or supplements. Consulting with a behavior specialist may also be beneficial. There are also natural remedies, such as calming pheromones, that may help reduce stress. 

Why do kittens and adult cats hide?

If you wonder why a cat can become anxious at all, it should be stressed that cat are prey animals. Their wild ancestors were targeted by a variety of predators such as owls, other raptors and wolves

Living in a modern home they might not face these dangers anymore but their brains are wired to be weary and cautious. Also, there are still perils out there, such as dogs that hunt (not chase for fun) cats. That´s why they like to hide.

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